>Apakah Kelebihan dan Kekurangan Apple iPhone 5: Review– Specifications, Release Date and Real Name


Apakah Kelebihan dan Kekurangan Apple iPhone 5: Review– Specifications, Release Date and Real Name

Apple iPhone 5 is becoming more and more ‘the most wanted Smartphone of the year 2011’, which is why the internet is filled with rumours and leaked information about iPhone 5. So, now it’s my turn to add something as well, what you may or may not find in iPhone 5. I am not trying to get you all excited over nothing; I am just trying to create a wish list from my personal desires and what I call ‘gadget intuition’!
There is a huge competition in line and for the very first time, there are just so many kids in the party who want to take the biggest piece of the cake they possibly can. I am talking about HTC, which is rolling about Android and Windows Phone 7 based Smartphones with state-of-the-art hardware configurations and top-notch business productivity solutions. Then there is Samsung, which is steaming the market at a rapid rate with the upcoming launch of Galaxy S II (and Tab 2)
Android Market, Amazon App Store and Windows Marketplace are going to present some very hard competition to Apple Appstore as well. Collectively, iPhone 5 (you’ll know the real name at the very end of this article), must present something special in order to win the hearts of Apple fans once again and attract or steal the fans of their competitors.
So, let’s start point by point, starting with Build:

Build or Looks

iPhone 5 may not vary a lot in comparison to iPhone 4. iPhone 4 did bring a form factor with squares in comparison to rounded ones in previous generations of iPhone. However, transitioning from iPhone 4 to 5 would be a great leap forward, because it will have great hardware changes (from processor to display panel).
Right now, holding iPhone 4 feels just right and kind of ‘perfect’, Steve Jobs might want to stick with the current form factor for now. Now, talking about keeping things just the same, Apple will have to deal with the so called ‘death grip’ that affected many users last year (but didn’t slow down sales of iPhone 4). Rather than keeping the antenna close to the gripping part, it could be adjusted horizontally, in top or bottom.
In both cases, the death grip, if any, will only occur if we want to take a snap or something like that. So, when we are holding our phone like that, we wouldn’t be talking anyway, that is why this idea could work. Anyway, I am not a hardware engineer and I would prefer if Apple can come up with some other brilliant way to fix that upcoming issue.
The other solution is to hold the phone with brain waves. However, Steve Jobs can’t possibly come up with that solution. Let’s leave it to Intel to figure this one out. They are the founders of tomorrow after all.
Resolution: 640X960 with 3.7-inch (diagonal) screen – IPS display
This fact is all over the internet that iPhone 5 might actually be larger than iPhone 4 and with all the new Smartphones (with Tegra 2 inside) coming with large display, Apple can’t back down. However, there are still two possibilities here, iPhone 5 may have a larger screen or it may have a higher resolution.
A higher resolution will already make the phone difficult to operate for people who have trouble reading small things and a higher resolution would not feel natural on a 3.5-inch screen, even if it is some retouched, ultra-sharp, crisp and antiglare version of what we have seen in iPhone 4.

Capacity or Disk Size
Disk size is of utter importance. It will be available in variations of 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and if we are mighty lucky enough, 120 GB (ah! it brings back the sweet memories of iPod Classic 120 GB)! Finally, we will be able to store all of our personal data in just one amazing Smartphone and 120 GB must be more than enough.
In any case, it still depends on how you organize your personal life. You can have millions of megabytes to store your data and still feel like you want more, and you can have just one picture to remember and adore your loved ones (just being a little emotional, that’s all).
So, back to the size, do you think that it is possible for Apple to invent some kind of SSD for iPhone, hm? We’ll see later this year or in first quarter of 2012.
1 GHz Apple A5 Custom Designed Dual Core processor.
I just heard about this processor being installed in iPad 2 (Apple has revealed it as well) from my friend and thought, hey, if it can power up a 9.7-inch beast (make it, sort of), then it can certainly fill some juice in the latest iPhone.
Multi-tasking would not be a tale to tell anymore, it has long become an old talk and as I said in my iPad 2 article, hyper threading has a nice ring to it. However, what on earth are we going to do with hyper threading in Smartphones? Is Autodesk planning to launch Maya and 3DS Max for iOS as well? Who knows, may be!
You never know actually. One moment you are sitting comfortably on a bench, enjoying a delicious coffee or tea, and the next moment, a guy with iPhone 5 comes and starts to work on a 3D Model!
A nice boost in RAM would be so-kind-of-Apple as well friends. I am not talking about 1 GB of RAM (well, that wouldn’t be too bad either), but 768 MB of RAM would make the Smartphone even more jazzy.
Extra Features
ThunderBolt Port
Finger-print scanner for additional security or simply put, biometric security
5 Mega Pixels to 8 Mega Pixels camera with Flash – 1080p video recording and playback on HD televisions via ThunderBolt Port
Real Name
As I promised that I would tell you the real name of upcoming version of iPhone, here we go. You do realise, that there is something missing in iPhone 4 and that is 4G and this is why, iPhone 5 cannot be called iPhone 5 when there is still a room for a lonely G roaming around for a place to stick and what could be a better place than, iPhone 4.
So… how do you feel about iPhone 4G than iPhone 5? Comment section is open for you anytime.
Release Date
iPhone 5 (4G) is set to be released in July 2011.
There is so much more to talk about and I will consider adding some more to it as I get the word from my friends and internet. Till then have fun with iPad 2, which is officially released now.

Link: Apple.com


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